Making Green Roofs and Living Walls More Affordable

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is the full range of greenspace, soil and vegetation that makes our cities live-able.

For more information on urban green infrastructure see this article from the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

The benefits of Green Infrastructure are undisputed, and represent an increasingly vital component in the health of our cities and workspaces.

Introducing GIaaS

Green Infrastructure as a Service ‘GIaaS’

Previously, the only way to acquire these benefits was to buy Green Infrastructure outright, which doesn’t suit every customer’s needs.

Now, for the first time in the UK, GIL ltd provides GIaaS, so you can enjoy the benefits of Green Infrastructure for a fixed monthly payment, inclusive of servicing and maintenance.

Our Partners

We work with the UK’s leading suppliers and maintainers of Green Infrastructure, with finance arranged by Clear Asset Finance.

GIL consultants certify the design and build of your installation as part of our service, at no charge to you.

This ensures a high-quality installation which, with a commitment to ensure support for the term of your contact, means your installation will look as good at the end of the term as it did on day 1.

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